How to design for China, by Chinese designer for China

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Next BigFuture, an app for Chinese consumers, was recently unveiled by WeChat, the country’s most popular social network.

The app is a simple, minimalist and easy-to-use interface for Chinese brands.

You can download it for free, and you can use the free version to create your own custom designs.

Designer Wei Xiaohui created the app with WeChat in mind.

He is a veteran designer who has worked with the company for several years, and has previously created apps for Samsung, LG and other mobile brands.

He says that he has designed apps for over 10 million users, and is currently working on a few more.

“We are not an official designer of WeChat.

It is a brand and its design.

It was just an idea for fun, and I was just thinking that it would be fun to design it,” he said.

He has a very simple aesthetic and very simple layout.

He does not include images or other text on the app.

“I try to focus on simplicity, so the app is very easy to use.

There is no interface, no complicated menus.

You just enter the text and press the button,” he explained.

Wei said the app uses the same approach as an app in a traditional Chinese magazine, in that it only includes a handful of designs.

He added that he did not want the design to be limited to only Chinese brands, because the Chinese market has a huge number of brands and they do not all have the same design philosophy.

Wei added that there are also many other apps on the market for creating customized designs.

There are more than 50,000 different Chinese designs on WeChat and other platforms.

In addition to WeChat’s design, the app offers a variety of other tools for Chinese companies, such as custom-made templates, a marketplace where Chinese brands can sell their products, and other services.

One of the most interesting features of Wei’s app is that it allows for custom design templates.

You download the template file and add your own logo, text, and pictures, and the app will let you customize the design.

There will also be a section where you can upload a photo of your product, which will be used as the template.

Wei says he is also planning to add more features to the app in the future, such in the ability to send custom designs directly to the brands.

Wei Xiaochu.

Source: Next Big News/ The app is available on Weibo, WeChat Marketplace, Wechat China and WeChat Korea.

Wei also mentioned that the app can be downloaded for free on Google Play, the Apple App Store and the Windows Phone Marketplace.

In the past, Wei has created other apps for WeChat that have been downloaded over 2 million times.

Wei has also designed a Chinese fashion store called 一音成红紧布, and a travel website called 讯長中国江机, which he says is a lot more popular than the WeChat app.

After he created his own app, Wei Xiaolu also developed another design app called 世恐點紫指抗, which was recently released on the App Store.

I hope to continue developing these other apps and keep the same minimalist and simple design approach for future designs.