How to get your cryptos from WeChat

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The app-based digital currency has become increasingly popular with its users, but some have been unable to access their coins.

WeChat is the world’s largest social network, and it offers a number of services for its users including a virtual currency exchange, an encrypted messaging app and a messaging app.

However, it does not offer a way to buy cryptos on its own.

In order to access the digital currency, users first need to install the WeChat app on their smartphone.

It is an open-source application that is built with mobile and web technologies in mind.

Users can create an account, create a QR code, and send a message to other users.

Once the message is received, the user can spend the digital token.

The user then has to confirm the transaction, which is a digital fingerprint.

Once confirmed, the transaction can be added to the account.

It can be stored on the account’s public key, which gives users access to the encrypted messages and messages that have been sent.

If the user does not receive the transaction within 15 days, the coin can be removed from the account and the account can be closed.

This is a popular way of buying cryptos, and many users do this.

However, a problem has emerged in the past few months.

Users have been reporting problems accessing their cryptos.

WeChat users have reported that their coins are being transferred into a new wallet, which can not be accessed or stored.

For instance, some users have received coins that have not been transferred to their wallets, while others have received tokens that were not transferred to the wallet.

The issue has been reported to the Weibo account of WeChat, a microblogging service, which also has a similar feature.

Weibo said that the new wallet for users can only be opened after a verification, but it did not give any information on how the verification process is carried out.

The Weibo team has said that this issue will be fixed in a later update.

While the Wechat app itself is not available for iOS and Android, the Weiqi app is available for both devices.

The Weiqipi app allows users to exchange digital tokens and receive digital tokens, and is also open source.

It is used to trade digital currencies such as bitcoin.

According to the app’s developer, the app is not intended to be a replacement for the Weizhong Pay service.