How to make Chinese input in your iOS app

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SCAN is an open source application that allows you to make and send your Chinese text messages and other content through the application’s native iOS or Android app.

It can be used in conjunction with Apple’s iMessage, and is also compatible with the Google Hangouts instant messaging app.

Here are some of the ways you can use SCAN to send your messages and receive Chinese input.

If you are looking to add a few more apps to your list of apps that support Chinese input, here are some more apps that you might like to try.

One of the best ways to use SCAT is to create your own Chinese text message and audio message that you can send to friends or family members.

Just set up the message and send it using SCAT.

This is a great way to share content from your Chinese friends or families, and also gives you a way to send Chinese input to a friend in the future.

You can also use the SCAT app to create a chat transcript that can be sent to friends and family members in your own language.

You can select your language, and the transcript will be sent in your preferred language.

SCAT has a native Chinese translation and audio transcription feature.

You’ll also be able to use the transcript as a template to send to other Chinese people.

This app, known as “chatty” or “chat” is an app that you have to download and install on your iOS or OS X device to make your voice, text, and audio messages.

It works with any messaging app that supports SCAT, and can be configured to send messages in any of the many Chinese languages supported by the application.

The app also allows you send text messages to your friends in other languages, and it supports localisation for both Chinese and English.

This is a very popular app for Chinese-speaking friends and relatives.

It is a simple application that lets you create a single message with your friends, and then send it through the app to your Chinese phone.

The message can be translated to your language of choice, and you can add audio input.

The application is not available in all languages, so if you want to send text or audio messages in a different language, you can download the app and translate it yourself.

You might also want to try using the app on your phone and watch the Chinese audio in a Chinese text or video message.

The apps you may want to check out include, the following:This is another popular Chinese-language app, called Hangout.

It lets you send and receive text messages in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English with audio and video.

Hangout is also an application that supports voice and text translation, and will also work with other messaging apps.

This application lets you translate text messages into the native language of your choice.

If you want more control over the way your texts and audio are translated, you’ll want to look into this app.

Another popular app, Hangout Pro, lets you share your Chinese texts and video messages with a Chinese friend or family member in other countries.

This and the other apps listed below can be installed on your iPhone, tablet or iPod Touch, and are also compatible in the Google Play store.

You may also want, to check these out if you are interested in creating your own chat transcript or creating your very own audio transcript that you send to your family and friends in your native language.

The other apps that are available for iPhone and iPad users are, as they are described above, also compatible.

The following apps are available on the Google Store, so you can try them out and find out if they are compatible with your device.

If your Chinese friend is not able to make or send messages through the SCAN application, he/she should consider the following apps.

These apps are not available for all Chinese- speaking people, but if you know someone who can make or have a friend who can send messages, you might want to give these apps a try.

These are some popular apps that may work well for you if you live in China.

If there are any other apps you would like to check, please let us know by commenting below.