How to open WeChat in Indonesia

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By KALARNE RABUNAN and HANNAH LYONG-HAPPIEN, Associated PressMILWAUKEE (AP) Chinese social media giant WeChat, whose popular WeChat Wallet app is banned in China, says it will open in Indonesia, despite a ban on its popular Wechat wallet app.

The company said in a statement Monday that it had launched WeChat Indonesia to expand its presence in Indonesia.

WeChat is a Chinese-language social networking service that allows users to send and receive messages and upload pictures.

It was suspended in China last week by the Communist Party over what the Communist government said was fake news.

Wechat’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are both blocked in China.

The company has also blocked many accounts in Russia and other nations in Europe and the United States.

We say goodbye to the WeChat app.

We are happy to announce we will be opening a WeChat-based social media service in Indonesia in 2018.

We are excited to announce that we will open Wechat Indonesia.

We have made this decision as we continue to expand and diversify the Wechat app to more countries in the future.

We have an extremely large global audience and WeChat is our number one revenue source for our company.

We will continue to focus on expanding our international reach, and we look forward to welcoming more users to WeChat as we look to grow Indonesia as a global player in social media.

We’ll be happy to share more information about WeChat and how to join the WeMo app, which allows users in China to make calls, send SMS messages and use WeChat to send instant messages.

We hope you will join us in welcoming WeChat.

We can’t wait to open!