How WeChat works for video games and movies

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In an effort to help streamline our gaming and entertainment ecosystem, we’re introducing a new feature for video game developers called WeChat.

While it will be an experimental feature that we haven’t yet rolled out to our users, we feel this is a good opportunity to introduce it and see how it works in practice. 

When using WeChat, the app can be accessed through a dedicated WeChat icon in your games, games and apps.

This icon will display a single message and is visible from any position within the app.

If you’ve made an app using Wechat, you will have the option to use this icon when making a game or movie.

This feature was added to the platform earlier this year, and it will soon be available to all WeChat users. 

For example, a WeChat app that supports our new new feature will show a single line of text in your game.

This line will tell the player how many lives the player will have.

If the player has reached that amount of lives, the game will show them a message that reads, “You’ve reached your goal.


This is a pretty standard game mechanic that most video games already employ.

WeChat does not offer any sort of auto-save feature.

The game will save the player’s progress to the cloud so they can revisit it later. 

If the player doesn’t complete their game within a certain time period, the character will die.

In this case, the player must click on the game icon to reload their save.

If they fail to finish the game within the time limit, the screen will turn black and the player dies.

We’ve tested this feature extensively on our own servers and it works great.

We hope that developers will adopt it to their games as well. 

The WeChat feature is not limited to video games, though.

We’re also working on a similar feature for movies. 

In addition to the above, we have plans to introduce a number of other features and tools for game developers to help make their games more intuitive and fun. 

As part of this effort, we will be rolling out a new type of content update for WeChat in the near future.

This update will allow WeChat to share game progress and other useful information with users.

The content update will provide information like when a player has unlocked a character’s new ability, the total amount of points earned in the game, and more.

The update will be available in a few months, and the new features should be live in the next few weeks. 

To learn more about the new WeChat features and the many ways we can improve gaming experience, we recommend checking out our WeChat blog post for more information. 

This article is based on Polygon’s WeChat news story, The New WeChat Update.