The New Year is Here

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The New Years Eve celebration has finally arrived.

Here’s a rundown of the big events, deals and deals you can do this New Year’s Eve.

-New Year’s New Year Deal: -Free gifts from our trusted partners for just one week only.

Get your free gift now and be the first to try out new apps and games.

-Google Chrome extension for Google Now on Android.

Use this handy Chrome extension to get the latest news, alerts and notifications from Google’s voice assistant.

-Free Daydream VR headset from Google Play.

Daydream headset is now available for just $19.99.

-Penguin Card: Play a new game or watch your favorite TV show in the comfort of your own home with this virtual penguin card.

-Facebook Live Video Chat: Live stream video conversations with friends and family in the most beautiful, interactive virtual space possible.

-Uber Deals: Grab a $15 Uber credit, get $15 off Uber rides, and get $10 off a trip in select cities.

-Amazon Prime Video: Grab an extra 30% off Amazon Prime and get the most exclusive videos.

-Movies: Get movies for just 75 cents per minute for the first 30 days of your account.

-Tiger Woods Golf: Get a free $250 Amazon Gift Card for a month.

-Microsoft Office 365 Essentials: Get 50% off your entire subscription with this offer.

-Apple TV: Watch all your favorite shows, movies, documentaries, and TV shows on the Apple TV.

-Skype for Business: Join a team to get your messages and photos into Slack, a secure and private chat tool for all your business needs.

-Netflix: Enjoy premium streaming movies and TV series on the Netflix streaming platform for just a few cents per month.