WeChat chat background and sex

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WeChat, China’s dominant messaging app, is getting ready to launch a new “wechat background” and “weChat sex” option on Android and iOS, according to reports from WeChat.

The new “background” feature will feature more than 100 emoji in the background of chats and chat messages, and users can add new backgrounds via the WeChat app.

WeChat also announced today that it is adding new emoji support to iOS, so that users can create a custom emoji.

WeChat’s “backgrounds” will not be available on all apps, however.

The company has only added support for “background images” on certain apps, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Skype.

Users will also be able to choose the background from a list of available backgrounds.

“You can choose a background that is more suitable for you or for the conversation,” WeChat said in a statement.

The company has yet to announce when it will begin to launch the new emoji.