WeChat finds way to find ‘real life’ moments in pictures

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WeChat has found a way to create a “real life” version of the photos it uses to verify accounts and track users on the service.

In a blog post on Wednesday, WeChat revealed that it is creating a “weChat authentic” photo gallery for people who upload photos of themselves to its app, a feature it describes as a way for users to “find the real life moments” of the people they have interacted with on the platform.

In the blog post, the social media giant said it is using a technique called “authentication” to discover the real world moments of its users.

WeChat authentic photos can be shared to the service and can be deleted from WeChat.

Users can also “unlock” the gallery by signing into the service, which unlocks a feature allowing users to edit the photo.

The service’s photo gallery is only available to registered users, and the feature only works for verified accounts.

Users can also choose to have the photo uploaded to the gallery deleted, although this is limited to one photo at a time.

We are constantly working to improve WeChat authenticity, Weibo said in a blogpost.

We are proud of the authentic and authentic photos we have created for our users, We added.

Weibo also said it will be working with social media companies to allow its users to view the photos, and that it will soon launch a separate feature to allow users to upload their own authentic photos.

We can’t provide more information on the photo gallery until the service launches, but we can confirm that authentic photos will soon be available to all Weibo users.

Weibo has previously announced plans to make its photos accessible to anyone in China.