What to expect in 2019 with the release of the new version of the Google Assistant

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What’s the future of voice assistants?

As the company prepares for its massive quarterly earnings report, the question of what’s next for the company’s best-known products has emerged.

We’ve already seen an update for Google Home that lets you answer questions via voice commands and Google Assistant has been added to the latest version of Apple’s Siri.

What will this mean for the future, and what is Google’s answer?

In the short term, we think the biggest announcement for the next version of Google Assistant is that we can now ask questions via the new app for Siri.

We also think the next big thing for voice assistants will be that Google Assistant will have its own “Ask” feature, so that it will work with Siri, Google Assistant and Google Now.

As the new Google Assistant for Android adds to the mix, the search giant is likely to bring back some of the features of Google Now, such as asking questions and searching for things.

However, this could also mean that Google Home, and not Google Assistant, will get to ask questions.

With Google Home and Google Voice now on board, it’s now likely that Google will look to make its own assistant to help it on the search front.

The next big things for Google Assistant could be a new feature that lets us ask questions, which could lead to a Google Home-style voice assistant, or a new version that adds Google Assistant to other devices.

In the meantime, Google Home has become the default voice assistant on Android smartphones, but the company will likely continue to build out its own voice assistant for users of its own devices.

As part of the big announcement, Google is also likely to make a major change to its search product.

Previously, Google was able to use search to perform many of the functions that other search engines provide, such a search for images or videos, or to create a list of all the popular sites on the internet.

However as the company looks to bring its own search to the masses, it will probably look to improve the user experience, with more information about what’s available and how to access it.

Google is also expected to look at expanding its mobile search product, with Google Assistant on phones being the first major product to receive this treatment.

Google Assistant should help users get to the search that they’re searching for, while also allowing users to find information they might be looking for on their phone or tablet.

In 2018, Google announced that it was working on an Android-based voice assistant that would help users find out more about their friends, their family, and the things they are doing in their homes.

However in 2019, it appears that the company may have moved away from the idea of an assistant for Android.

In 2018, the company announced that its own version of its Google Assistant was being developed, but it was not confirmed if it was for Android or for another platform.

We will keep you updated on any major announcements from Google as they become available.