When it comes to the rise of social media, weChat is at the top of the social game

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WeChat is a messaging app that’s growing in popularity and, for now, has yet to catch on with the mainstream.

However, that’s not stopping the Chinese giant from pushing it as a platform for social media.

Last month, we saw the company launch its new messaging app for mobile devices, and now it’s making its way to its mobile app for desktop and Mac platforms.

The app will come in a free update for WeChat users on the Mac, Windows and Linux versions of iOS and Android.

Users who own an iPhone will get the update as soon as March 1, with the Mac version launching on March 14.

WeChat also announced a new version of its mobile messaging app, called WeChat Pro, that will be available for iOS and Mac users starting March 29.

Wechat Pro will have more features and support than the iOS and Windows versions of the app, which are currently available on the iOS App Store and the Windows App Store.

WeChat also launched a new iOS app earlier this month, which has since been removed.

Weibo, the social networking platform that started as a WeChat subsidiary, has since gone offline.

The WeChat-owned WeChat Group will also continue to run WeChat as a standalone app, but its functionality is not compatible with WeChat’s messaging apps.

“WeChat has been the first company to make the transition from its messaging app to a social network,” WeChat said in a statement.

“The new app will make it easier for users to communicate with each other on WeChat.”

The announcement of WeChatPro comes on the heels of the launch of Wechat’s own messaging app called Wechat Messenger.

We’ll be following WeChat Messenger closely throughout the month.