Which team controls our WeChat?

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WeChat has a massive following of users around the world.

And its growing into a massive platform for advertising.

The app was introduced to the Chinese market in May, and its popularity is now expanding worldwide.

Here are the top five teams controlling our Wechat icon.1.

China National Team (CNNT)2.

USA National Team3.

Germany National Team4.

Italy National Team5.

France National TeamThe China National team is the team owned by Tencent Holdings.

The team has made it through four international competitions, winning two gold medals and capturing gold at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

WeChat, like many other Chinese mobile apps, has been heavily used in the country, especially in rural areas.

Its popularity in China is likely to continue, as it has been used in China since 2014.

Here’s a quick rundown of the team:1.

Canada National Team2.

Russia National Team(CNNT)- Currently, the Canada National team holds the #1 spot in the world rankings and the number one ranking in the United States.

This team has been a consistent top contender in the international tournaments for years, and the team has taken a significant step forward in the past two years.

They have won two golds at the World Cup and the 2018 World Cup, and have captured the silver medal at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

The Canadians have also won multiple gold medals at the Olympics.

The Canadian team has also been a major contender in international competitions like the World Championships and the World Series of Poker.

It also has a strong presence on social media.

The Canada National teams popularity is likely only going to grow, and that’s what we see when we compare the numbers on this team to other international teams.3.

United States National Team- The United States is currently in second place in the standings, and is currently one of the top teams in the World.

The United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico all hold the #2 spots on the rankings.

In terms of international competition, the United Kingdom has won gold at World Cups, the 2018 FIFA World Championship and the 2017 World Series.

They also hold the number two ranking in Russia and Canada.

The USA also holds the number 1 spot in terms of global rankings.

They hold the second highest ranking in terms to number of fans on WeChat.4.

Germany Team (GEK)5.

Japan Team(JAP)The Japanese team is owned by SoftBank, and has been the #3 ranked team in China and #4 ranked team on Weibo.

It has been known to be very active on Wechat, with many of their players regularly posting pictures of themselves playing Wechat games.

They won the 2018 Asia Pacific Games and won a silver medal in the 2018 Rugby World Cup.

The Japan National Team is the only team to win an Olympic medal at a global level, winning a bronze medal in 2018 at the Tokyo Olympics.

Japan has also made great strides in recent years, with the number of Japanese fans on the app growing by over 200% in just two years from its founding in 2006.

Japan also has one of its most recognizable brands in the sport of rugby, with its iconic jersey.5.

Russia Team (RUS)The Russian team has an incredibly popular fanbase, with over 25 million fans on wechat.

It’s also a popular app for those interested in sports, with Russian sports such as soccer, baseball and basketball being popular.

This is also the team that has been one of our favorite teams to follow on Twitter.

Russia also has several popular players on the team, with their most recent addition, Igor Sutskever, having over 5 million followers.

The Russian team also has some of the biggest names in the business in their ranks, including the country’s most popular sport, soccer.

They are also a team that’s a fan favorite in China.

The Russians are also the only national team in the FIFA World Rankings to have won multiple World Cup gold medals, including a silver at the 2016 World Cup where they won gold.