How to use the wechat app on your android phone to download a wechat apk

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Google has finally launched an official app for its popular WeChat app, allowing users to download the app on their Android phones and sideload it onto their Android devices to access all its functionality.

WeChat, which allows users to chat, record video and upload photos, has had a rough few months, losing over a quarter of its users over the last 12 months.

This comes as the app’s market share has dropped from around 50 per cent in late 2016 to around 20 per cent today, and the app itself is seeing its market share decline from over 40 per cent to below 15 per cent.

The app is now available on both Android and iOS devices, but in order to sideload the app onto your Android device, you’ll need to download an APK file, which you can find below:The APK is a zip file that contains a file called, which is the application’s main app-specific code.

This is where the app provides its functionality, such as downloading the WeChat client, signing into accounts, and so on.

We also have a WeChat application called which contains the application code for both Android phones, which are listed below.

Downloading the Wechat APKTo download the Wechschat APV you’ll first need to find the APK.

Download it from the official website, but be warned that it can take a couple of minutes, as Google has had to remove a number of downloads in the past.

After you’ve downloaded the app, open it up on your Android phone.

On the main page of the app you’ll see a list of all the apps that are currently available to download, including WeChat.

If you hover over any of the apps you’ll be taken to a menu with a number pad, which will allow you to sort the apps by which version of the APV they are available on.

You’ll then be presented with a list containing apps, as well as a list that lists all the available versions of the application for your device.

The app will then display a screen that lists the number of available versions for the version you have installed.

Next, you can tap on the version number and a pop-up menu will appear.

If there’s an app available, you will be presented a list with the corresponding icon and the download link for that app.

Once you’ve clicked on the download button, the APT will then begin downloading the app.

To install WeChat on your device, simply double-click the app and you’ll get the following screen.

From there, you’re good to go, and you can use the app to stream content from your WeChat account to your Android devices.

WeChat is one of the few popular apps for Android that doesn’t require you to have a connection to your internet connection, so you can stream content over a wireless connection to the device, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

To access this functionality, you simply have to have access to a Wi‑Fi network.

Once connected to the network, you should be able to access the stream using either a video-streaming app, or you can connect to a web browser to watch the video.

If you’re on a mobile device that doesn:The best way to use WeChat to stream to your mobile device is to open up the We Chat app on an Android phone and use the We chat feature to stream directly to your phone, using the device’s web browser.

Once your stream is over, you have the ability to share it with friends or family members, or even upload it to the cloud.

In addition to allowing users of Android devices that don’t have an internet connection to access content, WeChat also lets you record video from any location and share it on social media.

This makes it an ideal app for recording a video, but it’s also great for sharing a video you just took with your friends.

You can stream video from multiple locations and view them on the same screen, or stream multiple videos simultaneously.

Wechat is also able to sync content from a phone to a PC, so if you take a picture of something you want to upload, you just need to press the share button to upload it.

If a video is already recorded, it will automatically sync to the PC where you can then share it.

If YouChat is able to stream video, it’s possible to view videos as you stream them on YouTube, although WeChat doesn’t currently offer a way to edit videos on your phone.

YouChat will also support a lot of third-party apps, such Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more.

This means you can upload videos directly to those apps and stream them through a Wechat client, which should be great for those who like to upload videos from