How to watch live TV without your smartphone in China

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It’s a rare sight to be able to watch TV from your phone, but that is starting to change.

 In China, people are starting to buy a smartphone with the help of the WeChat messaging app.

WeChat is a messaging app that has a free app for Chinese users and is owned by Tencent Holdings.

Its popularity has increased recently, with more than 60 million people in China using the app in the past three months, according to WeChat.

The app was launched in China in 2012 as a messaging service for Chinese people.

Since then, it has become the go-to place for people looking for live TV.

Many people use the app to watch news, news sites, and other content from a variety of different countries.

It has been downloaded by millions of people in the country.

Now, people in a few of China’s big cities have started using WeChat to get live TV, but there are other areas where the app is not available.

As a result, the Chinese government is trying to limit the number of people using the service.

There are still some people who want to use it, but the government has made it extremely difficult to use.

On Thursday, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that a total of 25 million people will get free access to Wechat.

In China there is currently no such restriction on people using other mobile apps.

“We are really trying to encourage people to use WeChat,” said Zhang Yehong, head of media at the China Association of Internet Service Providers.

Zhang also said the government would be cracking down on the use of WeChat, because it is causing people to become addicted to the app.

WeChat has become a very popular service for people in certain parts of the world.

In the United States, for example, a lot of people have become addicted by using the chat app to chat with their friends.

When we were in the US, we didn’t have a phone.

We had to pay for a smartphone.

The idea was to let people use it on their own terms.

WeChat has helped in a lot more ways than just providing free access, said Zhang.

With the help, people have come to expect that when they come to use the service, they can talk with people in their own homes and see who their friends are.

Zhang said the goal is to encourage more people to go to the service for the live TV experience, rather than just to be a way to chat.