WeChat gets its own version of Facebook: WeChat web

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WeChat, the popular messaging app owned by Tencent, is adding an “input” function to its web version, allowing users to access their WeChat contacts by clicking on the “I” icon.

The company says that this will be an addition to WeChat’s “classic” input interface.

The web version of WeChat will have a different name from the mobile version, and a new “input-based” layout, according to a blog post from WeChat CEO, Zhenyu Zhang.

The company is hoping that this new design will attract more users to Wechat.

The blog post said that the company has spent over 1 billion yuan ($24 million) on research and development for the web version. 

The new input-based design, which is being launched on WeChat for iOS and Android, is being used by other messaging apps like WeChat Chime and WeChat Web.

In other words, if you click on the I icon on Wechat Web, the app will display a list of your contacts.

However, if a user clicks on the F button, it will take the user to a different page that shows information on each contact.

The new layout, like many other apps, will use a “multipurpose” interface that can be used for sending messages, making it an easier option to use.

Users will be able to see their Wechat contacts from the top left corner of the screen and then can add contacts to or remove from their group.

This feature is similar to Facebook’s Facebook integration, which was added to the web app in 2016.

According to a WeChat spokesperson, the company is looking for new ways to expand the usage of the app. 

“WeChat is a great example of the type of content that can easily be shared and used in a mobile app, with a new type of interaction being added to make it easier to connect with friends and to share content with others,” the spokesperson said.