Why China may be getting ahead of the US in the AI race

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China may become the world’s leading provider of AI in the next decade, said a top AI expert.

“I think China is the most significant player in this market,” said Prof Peter Norvig, professor at Oxford University and co-author of the Oxford Handbook of Artificial Intelligence (OAI).

“The key question is, what does China have that the US doesn’t have?”

Prof Norvigs view of the AI industry is that it is becoming a globalised, globalised market.

“We are getting into the technology, the hardware, the software, the service, and I think that’s very different to what the US has been doing,” he said.

He said China may soon be leading the world in AI, but it will need to compete in the US market.

Prof Norbigs view is that AI is becoming more globalised as it gets more sophisticated.

“This is a major change, which will be driven by technological advances and the fact that the software is becoming less and less dependent on the human,” he added.

Prof Peter Norbig is a professor of computer science at Oxford, and the author of the OAI book on AI.

He is a co-founder of the company iRobot.