4.8 million ‘Halloween’ sales on WeChat

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4.7 million people on Weibo, Facebook and Twitter have bought Halloween-themed merchandise, the Chinese social media giant said on Wednesday, adding that the figure is still growing.

Weibo reported that in its first full day of sales in September, sales rose to over 3 million. 

The figure was reported by the Chinese online retailer’s online platform and is based on data from Chinese and other Asian sites.

The figure does not include the Chinese-made merchandise, which is usually sold through local markets.

 The company also revealed that weibo had the highest growth rate among the social media platforms in terms of total volume.

It also reported that there were 562 million unique visits to Weibo on Wednesday.

The news comes after it was revealed in April that sales of merchandise ranging from candy and cookies to Halloween costumes and makeup were also on the rise.

The Chinese social network was established in 2004 and has been growing steadily over the past two years, said the company in a statement.

The company said that the number of Weibo accounts registered with the platform is about 1 billion.

Chinese social media company Weibo is growing rapidly as China struggles with the spread of digital piracy and a tightening of internet regulations.

Earlier this year, Chinese internet giant Tencent shut down a Weibo account that had been selling counterfeit goods.