All the news we got on the newest iPhone and iPad release

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We’ve got a brand new iPhone, a new iPad and an update to the new version of WeChat.

All of this comes from a report from Reddit user _lucky_cat, who got the details from a WeChat developer.

WeChat is one of the largest messaging services in China, with more than 40 million monthly active users.

As we previously reported, WeChat’s new update to iOS 9.3 is available now, and includes many of the improvements WeChat made in iOS 8.1.

While iOS 9 is a big update to its operating system, the new update does not change the core operating system of Wechat.

The update is mostly about fixing bugs, and fixing bugs in the core software.

The company released an official statement today to say that it will continue to improve its WeChat software, but does not plan to release a new version.

The developer who made the report said that he received a notification that WeChat is updating, but did not see the notification in his feed.

This was not the first time we heard that Wechat was updating, and this is not the only time WeChat has updated iOS.

We’ve also heard that the company was updating the Mac version of the app, and that Apple is planning to update iOS 10 to bring a version of iOS for the Mac.