How to use email to send email from Gmail

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Microsoft announced today that it will begin offering email as a service (SaaS) service in India on the same day as it launches a new cloud-based email service in the country.

Microsoft is the first tech company to offer email services in India, a market where companies like Flipkart, Amazon and Uber have been working hard to build out apps and services for consumers and businesses alike.

Microsoft will be offering email services for two years, starting on October 25, 2016.

This is Microsoft’s second SaaS offering for India, after it launched its cloud-focused service in November 2016.

Microsoft already offers a number of email services, including Gmail, Microsoft Exchange and OneDrive.

These services offer access to Microsoft’s popular Outlook calendar, Outlook contacts and Microsoft Outlook apps for smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft’s Office 365 email service is a separate service and has also been designed specifically for India.

However, it’s not yet clear whether the two services will co-exist.