NSA to ‘develop capabilities for future use’

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NSA to “develop capabilities” for “future use” to detect “website malicious activity,” The Hill has learned.

The agency is also expected to develop capabilities to “provide the capability to conduct targeted communications” that are “consistent with the principles of foreign intelligence,” according to the document.

The Hill has confirmed with a U.S. official that the document is a draft of a policy memo, which the White House and State Department are expected to release later this month.

A document published online by the NSA earlier this month shows the agency’s efforts to detect social media activity using its surveillance tools.

The document was written by a team of analysts who were part of the team that developed the WeChat spyware in 2015.

WeChat, a messaging app owned by Facebook Inc., is one of China’s most popular social media services.

WeChat has more than 30 million users in the country and its applications are widely used to communicate online.

In the document, the analysts noted that WeChat is used to transmit messages with more than 2 billion people, and it has been used to send malware, botnet traffic and malware attachments.

The WeChat team was also working on a tool that could help identify “weberware” and other “malicious software” as they are sent across the network, according to The Hill’s report.

The team said in the document that the tool would be a “next-generation capability for identifying malicious software that is used by the adversary to conduct cyber-attacks.”

It also noted that a new “malware” detection tool could be developed to “assess the severity of malicious software used by adversaries to conduct offensive cyber activities, including network-based attacks.”

The new tool would “allow adversaries to determine the extent of the offensive threat by analyzing a wide range of malicious activity, including the content, context, and method of use of the malicious software,” the report said.

It was unclear what the new tool might look like, how much it might cost and how it might be integrated into other tools.