Which of the Chinese phones will be better for you?

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Apple has a strong foothold in China, but the Chinese company is also struggling with a variety of issues including slowing growth and a shortage of devices for its mass-market phones.

Analysts expect Apple to have a much tougher time competing in the U.S. than it did last year.

China is the largest market for Apple, accounting for more than 60 percent of the country’s smartphone sales.

Apple is also looking to expand its presence in the Chinese market, where it has been in the past year.

WeChat, the popular Chinese messaging app, is a major rival of Apple in the United States, and the two companies recently launched their own messaging app called WeChat Messenger.

In a report released on Tuesday, analysts at research firm IDC said that China will become the second-largest smartphone market in the world in 2019.

IDC’s projections for China in 2019 call for sales to grow by 8.6 percent, up from 6.3 percent in 2019, and for sales of smartphones to reach 5.7 billion, up 13 percent from 4.5 billion in 2019 as the country moves to embrace the Internet.

The report said China is also likely to see a surge in the number of people using smartphones and other mobile devices.

Chinese companies are still in the early stages of building out their businesses in China and many are still struggling to bring back revenue.

Apple has struggled to find the right mix of hardware and software for its flagship iPhone 6s, which were introduced in September.

In September, the company’s iPhone 6 line was sold out in China at the same time that its flagship Galaxy S6 line was on sale.

China has also seen an increase in the popularity of other Chinese products, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8, and a drop in sales of Apple’s iPhone, according to IDC.