Why we’re using the Spyware-free WeChat app, in the new year

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By now, most of us have heard the news that WeChat has been hacked and it has left millions of accounts compromised.

WeChat’s CEO, Peter Zhang, has now promised to be vigilant about its users’ data and promised to patch up the app as soon as possible. 

It’s been a few months since the hack happened, and we still don’t know what happened, but we do know that the app has been used in a number of hacks that have been attributed to Chinese actors. 

What we do not know is what malicious software the WeChat team is running on their servers.

The app has never had the malicious code that the hackers used, so how did the attackers gain access to the Wechat servers? 

As it turns out, there’s a simple solution to this: wechat.com.

The source of the attack is unknown, but it seems that the attackers got access to some of the server’s traffic via a brute force attack, or using a combination of a dictionary and a brute forcing attack. 

The attackers used a dictionary attack to find the correct URL in the search bar, and then used a combination dictionary and brute force to get to the data inside the WechiApp. 

When the dictionary attack was successful, the attacker downloaded the files to the server, and when the attackers accessed the Wechis servers they were able to upload a backdoor to the app’s database.

The backdoor allowed them to change the passwords of users and log in to the database. 

Wechat’s CEO has previously said that they will not allow malicious software to run on their server, so if the Wechets servers were compromised, we don’t expect that the backdoor will have any impact on the app. 

As of today, there are two ways that you can help WeChat and other popular Chinese apps. 

By disabling the WeChis app, you can prevent the app from being installed on your device, and it also prevents the app in your WeChat account from being viewed.

By disabling your WeChi app, all of your contacts, contacts from other apps, and other data will be deleted.

You can also make sure that your Wechat account will never be shown to anyone, and you can disable notifications on your phone.

Finally, by disabling the app, your contacts from the app will be removed, and any other WeChat apps that you have installed will be blocked from running. 

To disable the app and uninstall the app:Go to Settings on your smartphoneGo to Applications Go to Applications, then scroll down to Applications (where we are in the screenshot above).

Go to SettingsGo to Application Settings, then tap on the uninstall button.

The WeChat.com app has also been used to distribute malicious software through the Internet. 

Earlier this year, an attack on a Chinese internet forum, WeChat China, infected thousands of servers that could be used by malicious software. 

These servers, along with the Weibo service, are still available for download, but they are no longer used to spread malicious software or to distribute malware.