Why you should use WeChat’s free VPN app

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WeChat has been the subject of much discussion recently, particularly over its free VPN product WeChat VPN.

WeChat also recently launched a new version of its VPN app that can be used to bypass a number of VPNs, including a VPN from TorGuard.

But it looks like this app, which is free and available for Android and iOS, is not compatible with the TorGuard VPN.

WeChat VPN is available in the Google Play Store, but TorGuard doesn’t have an app for Android.

In addition, TorGuard’s app is only available for Mac users, so if you are using Macs, you might want to go with the official version.

The official WeChat app for Macs In short, it looks as if the official Wechat app for iOS is no longer compatible with TorGuard, so you will need to use a VPN app to bypass TorGuard and bypass the VPN app in order to get the WeChat free VPN. 

However, Torguard has recently updated its VPN software, so the official app should now be available for all Mac users.

In short, you can still use TorGuard with the Wechat VPN, but the We-Chat VPN app is no more compatible with it.

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